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What Makes Good Olive Oil?

Olive oil doesn't all look and taste the same so what makes a good olive oil?

Italian olive oil is considered among the best in the world and has been produced throughout Italy for thousands of years. Within Italy the taste, colour and techniques used to make oil will differ from one region to another.

Being based in Puglia we are surrounded by olive trees and olive oil production is still a source of income for many in the region.

When referring to the best olive oil we look towards Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For an oil to be considered extra virgin the level of acidity within the oil must be inferior to 0.8%. In order to obtain good olive oil of this low level of acidity the olives are collected early during the harvested and extra care is taken to use nets to ensure the olives do not touch the ground. Olives which are harvested from the ground will have a higher level of acidity, the longer on the ground the higher the level of acidity.

Another major factor within the olive oil production is whether the olives have been cold pressed or passed through a centrifuge with the temperature being controlled to maintain as much of the natural goodness as possible.

Olive Oil over time will loose some of its freshness and health benefits but if stored in a cool, dry place a reasonable shelf life would be 18 months.

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